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Milton Keynes based IT Management and Consultancy with over 30 years of experience.

We have been operating since 1980 and over the years the name has changed from its original, Executive Business Systems (known to our clients as simply EBS), to the current 'exec'. Throughout, the company has remained the same and we still fully support our earliest clients.

Our clients, past and present, come from many industries including:

  • Insurance Loss Adjusters
  • Insurance Claim Recoveries
  • Travel Assistance
  • Freight Forwarders
  • NHS Trusts
  • Nuclear Power Industry
  • International Wood Importers
  • …To name but a few.

We have built a reputation for plain speaking and have developed our client relationships on that basis.

Getting to the heart of an industry’s methods and applying our IT skills to improve them is perhaps our greatest strength.

We hope you gain some understanding of our company through this site. If you would like to discuss anything in connection with IT and how we can improve your working experience please don’t hesitate to make contact.

All initial discussions are free and if after those you feel all is well, you will have at least gained confidence. If there are improvements to be made we can explore options together.

If you are looking for an IT security/health check, for improvements in your workplace efficiency or you are having problems with your current systems…

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External IT Management

Employing an IT Manager to oversee your IT system and to guide your staff where applicable is an expense you may be able to reduce.

Our External IT Management services are specifically designed for use by small to medium sized companies and it is aimed at providing corporate quality management at an affordable price.

Whilst it will be tailored for your needs, our basic premise is to provide you with someone to whom you can turn to for:

  • Best advice and guidance on your IT systems.
  • Overseeing your basic needs, for example ensuring your daily backups are done.
  • Repairing, or overseeing the repair, of faulty equipment.
  • Spotting predictable hardware failures.
  • Organising regular maintenance when necessary.
  • Overseeing new projects.
  • Overseeing new hardware purchase and installation.
  • Suggesting more efficient methods of IT usage.
  • …And much more.

If you think we could help your business or organisation with our External IT Management…

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IT Consultancy

With over 30 years in the IT industry, you can imagine we have seen many changes. New technology abounds and the world today looks very different to yesterday. It is clear then that no one person can hope to achieve excellence across the IT industry’s ever broadening boundaries. Perhaps the best way to think of us is as general practitioners within the IT sector.

If, after understanding your needs, we feel they are outside our specialist skills we would introduce as many of our colleagues within the industry as is necessary to best advise you on the issues you raise.

If you:

  • Have any IT questions...
  • Want to discuss IT plans or ideas...
  • Need realistic budgets and timings for proposed implementations...
  • Seek advice or a second opinion on a proposed or an existing IT project...

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Systems Analysis

Whether you are a private individual, a start-up or a small/medium business, inefficiencies cost you.

How long has it been since you analysed your activities. Staff procedures, customer liaison, product quality and the all-important after sales service - are you being efficient?

You already have a system - Is it efficient?

Spending £10 to save £5 (and in doing so, frustrating or upsetting your staff or customers)?

Is your website functioning correctly? Is it, like many, frustrating to use with poor search facilities or just plain too busy on the eye?

Even if you think all is well, things change in life and in business. Get periodic analysis and an independent review. If you think our analysis could help you…

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Project Management & Translation

We have a proud record of bringing our project management commissions not only in on time but also on budget. We have one simple principle: Be realistic in costs and time required.

Project Translation is our term for the liaison that must occur between your business and the people that are involved in bringing your project to its successful conclusion.

For example: You are intending to have a new IT system or maybe have specialist software written for you. Someone needs to take the English you used to specify your needs and turn it into the IT speak that either the software or hardware engineers need to have in order to fully implement your requirements.

This is where most of the problems with new systems arise. Put more simply, you thought they understood you, and they thought you understood them --- But the result shows clearly that neither understood the other.

If you need our Project Management and Translation services, or our vast experience in sorting out the mess others have left…

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Bespoke Software Development

We are able to provide you with many different types of specialist software to fulfil your business needs. We have constructed many various applications from desktop or server based solutions through to complex commercial web based packages.

We are here to help you develop a tailored software package and/or website that gets you the efficiency you need to run a profitable business.

If you are interested in our software writing abilities and you would like to know more…

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Web & Email Hosting

Like most companies that offer web & email hosting we subcontract to providers that have a high speed internet infrastructure.

The only difference between us and most other companies that offer these services is that we are open about our subcontracting and perhaps more importantly, we do not add anything to their charges.

The difference between you arranging it directly and us arranging it for you is we can ensure it is set-up correctly and for that we do charge a small fee. If you want us to continue to maintain it on your behalf we are happy to do that too for a similar small annual fee.

Incidentally, it’s ditto with any other of the 3rd party offerings. E.G. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) which tries to get your website on page one of any search engine given particular search terms.

If you want or have a web site and/or email accounts and you would like to discuss their hosting or indeed the possibilities of using Search Engine Optimisation for your web site…

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Virtual Private Servers

A Virtual Private Server is essentially for those wishing to rent, and hence manage, their own hardware server without the need to buy it outright and then find somewhere safe to keep it.

The virtual bit is added to ‘Private Server’ as in this case the actual computer that the server software is running on has many ‘servers’ running on it, each thinking it’s the only one. Whilst it feels like a stand-alone computer, it is actually one of many and they are all running under a technology called Virtualisation.

Whilst we would most likely be the ones who recommend these to you if the need arises, if you want to know more…

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Cloud Servers & Datacentres


There is a very good chance you are already using cloud storage in one form or another, perhaps for storing backup’s maybe or for storing your favourite pictures.

In fact all internet sites are in the cloud too of course as ‘The Cloud’ merely means access to sites, servers or data storage that are not on your premises and very possibly not even in your country.


Cloud computing should be seen as an opportunity to access extendable resources for a much lower cost than if you were to purchase your own equipment to do the same job.

Cloud servers are actually a group of servers all connected in real time, and for the purpose of this explanation, all doing the same job.

How many computers? That is what the ‘extendibility’ means… and the answer is, ‘As many as is necessary!’

By running software, be that an application, a website or an ecommerce site on cloud computers, the number of computers used can automatically change to match the needs of the site or application as and when requirements dictate. Usually this is dependent on either the number of users accessing your site or the amount of processing being done by your application at any given time.

Cloud services are configured to automatically serve your site’s or application’s needs, up to a pre-set limit. It should be noted that often cloud service charges are linked to the server(s) usage and you may want to cap those to prevent excessive charges.

Whilst we would most likely be the ones who recommend these to you if the need arises, if you want to know more…

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Any questions? Then feel free to get in touch: